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Our Story

Our business venture started some 50 years ago.
On a small, family owned farm that had some big ideas of exporting the family produce.
This was the start of an epic journey that has come a full circle.  
Changing and growing the small family farm to having its own processing facility to then operating in Asia, dealing with International Standard Supermarket Chains, High End Restaurants and Wholesalers.
Only to return and partnering with Australian producers to supply Australia’s finest to our closest neighbours.
Now we all have an opportunity to share in the Big Ideas.

We offer a Variety of Different Meat Cuts

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Closing the gap

We have partnerships with Farms, Fisheries and Factories. 
These are Long standing personal relationships, starting at Cooktown in North of Queensland to Hobart in the South of Tazmania in Australian, extending across to and throughout New Zealand.
All our partners have been chosen because they provide the Highest Standards of Freshness, Quality and Service. 
Guaranteeing Supply Availability.

We have a selection of seafood available to order.

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Sustainable and responsible Partners